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There are two important facts about the behavior of an internet user that can help grow your business. First, a majority of them start their browsing from a search engine. Second, they are more likely to click the top page from their search results. You can take advantage of these two facts by implementing SEO for your business’ website and here’s why.

Why is SEO Important for Your Contractor Business?

Regardless of the type of contractor services you offer, most of your customers will use the internet to search for the service. They will enter the keywords in a search engine that are relevant to the problem they want to solve or the solution they are looking for. The search engine will then provide results that match their search in order of relevance to the keywords provided. Like most internet users, they will choose the first pages provided on their search results.

This behavior is the reason why the top of the first page of the search results is a coveted spot by all types of websites.  Moreover, the top position gets more traffic compared to the lower-ranked search results. With these two combined, a contractor’s website implementing SEO will attract more potential customers who are actively searching for the services they offer.

Moreover, you will not have to pay for every click or impression with SEO. As long as your website is optimized and well-maintained, potential customers will find your page on their search results when they look for information related to your business or what you offer. You are getting the equivalent of word-of-mouth marketing on the internet for free.

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What is Contractor SEO?

Contractor SEO (search engine optimization) is a digital marketing strategy that aims to improve the ranking of a business’s website in the search engine results relevant to the contractor services it offers.  With a higher rank in the search results, a contractor is more likely to catch the attention of potential customers when they search for the solution or service they need.

How Contractor SEO Marketing Can Help Grow Your Business



Attract potential customers to your website

Building people’s awareness of your business and the services it offers is one of the main goals of your marketing strategies. Since billions are using search engines to look for information, getting your page to the top of your target market’s search results will help you achieve the awareness you are aiming for. Best of all, you gain the awareness that will benefit your business since an internet user will only search for the contractor services you offer if they are considering it.



Increase the chances of website visitors inquiring about your services

Anyone searching for the terms and phrases relevant to your business already has an interest or need for what you offer. With search engine optimization, they are more likely to see your website’s page or article on their search results. 

Since they are interested in the services you offer, you do not need to convince them why they need them or why they need to fix their problem. You only need to give them a good reason why they should choose over their other options and a compelling offer to take action for them to inquire about your services.



Give visitors to your website a positive user experience

SEO does not only involve targeting the right keywords to attract customers to your site. It also includes optimizing technical aspects of your website so that your visitors will have a positive experience browsing your pages and reading their contents. These technical elements include your site’s architecture, code, and loading speed.



Establish trust and authority in your local area and industry

With your website frequenting the top of your target market’s search results and providing a positive user experience for them, your business will inevitably become an authoritative figure in your local area and industry for the services you offer over time. People are more likely to recall and recommend your business whenever they or an acquaintance needs the services you provide.



Attract more leads for your contracting business

Everybody on the internet uses search engines to look for products or services they need. SEO will give your business a significant chance to attract several leads from millions of search engine users daily. 

Moreover, optimizing your website will increase the chances of your page getting a higher search result ranking. Top search results will always get the most visitors to their pages. To put this into perspective, the top 3 results get more than half of the total traffic for the search, the top 7 to 10 results share 20 percent, and the results beyond the first page only have 10 percent of it.



Create and establish a brand for your business

Your brand reflects how your target market thinks and feels about your business. You can influence this by providing useful and relevant content through your user-friendly website. Both of these relate to SEO since search engines evaluate these factors when ranking a website for their users’ search results.



Understand what your customers need

SEO involves keyword research wherein phrases and terms used by your target market in search engines are identified. This is a crucial element in SEO since using these keywords in your content will help you achieve the top of their search results. 

However, keyword research also helps your target audience more. It can give you some ideas of the more specific topics related to the main keywords and particular segments of the market that you can cater to. 

For example, this article targets the word SEO and search engine optimization. But, it also targets the more specific keywords “contractor SEO” and “best SEO for contractors”. As a result, this page is more likely to appear on the search results of contractor businesses looking for information about SEO.



Complements paid search advertising strategy

The search engine results page contains advertisements aside from the organic search results for the searched keyword. These are referred to as pay-per-click ads or paid search advertising. These are placed above the search results so it gets more attention than even the highest-ranking page. 

Although paid ads might seem completely apart from SEO, both of these can complement the other to make both strategies more effective. Here are ways they can work together:



Complements content and social media marketing strategies

SEO can complement your business’ content marketing and social media marketing efforts. Through keyword research, SEO can be a source of content ideas for both your website and social media platforms.  It can also identify non-competing websites where you can post your content to expand your reach and attract their traffic to your website.

How Does SEO Work for Contractor Businesses?

This is achieved by having their bots crawl through pages and websites on the internet. These bots collect information for the search engines to index and analyze with the use of their algorithms. 

Search engines use their algorithms to analyze the pages they indexed with their algorithms. These algorithms take into account hundreds of factors that search engine users consider as important factors for the quality of pages they find on their search results. 

After evaluating a page, the algorithms rank all the pages they indexed and evaluated in the order of the highest score in their evaluation down to the lowest. This is reflected in the search engine results page you see after entering your query in the search engine.

Contractor SEO: Pros and Cons

There’s no such thing as a perfect marketing method. This is the same for Contractor SEO. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of search engine optimization for businesses:

Pros of SEO

1. Promotes your business to a willing audience

When promoting your business through online ads and social media, you are not only competing with other businesses but also with what is occupying their attention at the time. Unfortunately, unless they need your product or you have a very compelling offer, they are more likely to ignore your ad. Moreover, if they do see your ad or click through it, they are also more likely not to act upon your offer. 

Search engine marketing is the complete opposite. People will only search for the keywords you are targeting if they already have an active interest or need for what you offer. Because of this, visitors coming from their search results are more likely to inquire about your service or sign-up for what you offer.

2. Produces lasting results

SEO can increase a noticeable increase in web traffic and leads or conversions from your website. Although it requires some work and a bit of regular maintenance, your results will last as long as you follow the best practices for search engine optimization. 

SEO is unlike paid advertising wherein you have to keep up your targeting and continuously spend to send out ads to potential customers. It is also unlike social media marketing which requires regular posting of content for them to see your brand on their feed. With SEO, you only need to target the right keywords and maintain your website for your content to appear on your target market’s search results.

3. Gives your business a cost-effective marketing strategy

SEO will require some initial investment for web development and content creation. But, as long as your website is well-maintained and your content remains relevant, your pages will appear on the search results of your target audience. Moreover, since you are targeting those with an active need for your service, they are more likely to inquire or hire you for your services. Because of these, the cost per lead or customer acquired in SEO is relatively lower than in other digital marketing strategies.

4. Works great for local marketing

As a contractor, you are a local business serving your immediate area and some nearby cities or towns nearby. Because of this, local marketing is a crucial element in reaching out to your target market and communicating what you have to offer and why they should hire you. 

Now, just because you are marketing locally does not mean that SEO cannot benefit your business. Half of the searches made on the internet are those looking for local information. If your business is not optimized for general or local SEO for contractors, you are bound to lose the opportunity to reach potential customers through their internet search.

Cons of SEO

1. The most effective SEO requires technical skills

Some might claim that SEO does not require technical or programming knowledge. However, this is only the case for the on-page and off-page aspects of SEO. For these, the most technical skill required is using the different tools for keyword research and the right application of keywords in the content.

However, SEO also has its technical aspect. This is where a website’s page loading speed, server-side issues, HTML tags, rendering, and structure comes into play. This is why the best SEO agencies always have a web developer in their team that can optimize these factors for a website.

2.It takes time to see results

You will not see immediate results from SEO. Search engines need time to crawl, index, and evaluate your website before they can get your page to their users’ search results. If you’re starting from scratch, developing your website and creating its content also takes time and, if you want a good quality website with valuable content, you will need to accept that it may take weeks before it’s done. In some cases, your website might even require a redesign or rebrand to make it effective in marketing your business.

3.It requires regular maintenance

Effective implementation of SEO requires you to perform a regular audit and maintenance of your website and its content. Search engines implement updates on their algorithm. These updates may render some techniques obsolete and new ones become a necessity. You will need to update your website to reflect these changes if you don’t want to be left behind by competing websites.

4.Effective SEO requires updated knowledge of search engine algorithms

Given the updates on search engine algorithms, it is also necessary to keep track of these changes. Search engines will release the changes they made. But, if you don’t have a background in tech or SEO, you might as well be reading something written in another language. Moreover, it can get confusing fast if you have no idea of the previous updates and their relevance to the newer ones.

5.Results are not guaranteed

will stay that way. There will be search engine algorithm updates and other websites targeting the same keywords. These are just things simply out of your control that, unfortunately, can affect the outcome of your SEO campaign.    

However, this does not mean that SEO is not worthwhile. Investing in SEO is crucial if you want content that can convert internet users into leads and customers and a great user experience for website visitors. Moreover, your social media marketing and paid advertising can easily fall short without SEO since it is crucial for effective landing pages and a user-friendly website.

Why Hiring an Agency is the Most Efficient Way to Implement SEO for Contractors

If you are thinking of having your website search engine optimized, you have to, at least, consider hiring an SEO agency to do it for you. Here are some reasons why doing so will be beneficial for your business:

What to Look for in a Contractor SEO Agency

Getting the right SEO agency for your business can be the key to successfully optimizing your website. Contractor SEO webmasters have the knowledge and experience to create the results you’re looking for. They also know the latest trends and continuously update their knowledge and skills to changes in the industry. So, how do you find these kinds of agencies? Here’s what you need to look for:

Their website shows up in search engine results

The best way to see if a contractor SEO company can walk the talk is if their website shows up in your search results. You can easily check this by searching for their website domain or business name.

You like what you see in their portfolio

When you’re looking for a general contractor SEO, the best way to see if you would like the results they provide is by taking a look at their work. This is the best way to see if they can replicate what they do for their website for their clients.

They are ethical with their SEO practices

There are unethical practices referred to as black hat SEO and it is best to avoid working with agencies that implement these practices. Although these can provide a website with a fast increase in search engine traffic, search engines will eventually penalize them and their page might not even show up anywhere in the search results. So, you might want to think twice if an agency is claiming they can do it for you cheap, fast, or easy.

They have positive testimonials and reviews from previous clients

Testimonials provide quality proof of what an agency can do for your business. Previous clients will be vocal about their experience, especially if it had a significant effect on them. So, if you see any positive testimonials from their clients, you know that the agency is the real deal.

They have up-to-date knowledge in SEO

SEO is always changing with how often search engines update their algorithms. An agency must know the best way to optimize a site based on the latest trends and best practices for general contractor SEO. You can see and verify this through the content they share on their website, whitepapers, and social media posts.

They can provide you with case studies

Case studies give insight into an agency’s successful work. They can show and tell the results they created using different metrics and the specifics of how they made it happen. This can give you a glimpse of their proficiency in what they claim as their expertise.

They provide a realistic view of what SEO can do

You can expect seasoned digital marketers to show positive results in their work. But, if they claim you can achieve a specific metric with their help, what they are stating goes beyond the reality of what contractor SEO or any digital marketing strategy can provide. Every business is unique even those in the same industry can experience varying results. 

They are transparent with their methods and analytics

Although there’s no guarantee of how much your website metrics can improve with SEO, there should still be positive signs indicating that there is an improvement. You know an agency wants to establish a good relationship with their clients from their willingness to reveal and be transparent about their analytics. Moreover, a good general contractor SEO agency will be upfront with the results and be open to improving it further if it falls short.

They offer affordable SEO for contractors

It’s no use finding an agency if you cannot afford their services. This will require a bit of shopping around to find one that charges the right price and that provides good local business SEO for contractors.

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