Landscape Marketing Strategies for Your Landscaping Business

The landscaping industry is getting competitive with how much it is growing every year. However, your business does not have to be left behind by your competitors with how crowded the market is getting. You can take initiative by implementing strategies that can have the most significant effect on your business without you having to spend too much on marketing costs.

Here are some of the most effective landscaping marketing strategies that you can use for your business:


1. Create Buyer Personas

Identifying your target market is a standard part of developing your business’s marketing strategy. It sets up how you will communicate the benefits of your lawn care services to your potential customers and helps you focus your marketing efforts on those who are most likely to become your customers. But, you can take this further by creating and using buyer personas in the creation of your landscape marketing strategies instead.

Buyer personas are semi-fictional profiles based on research about your best customers. Unlike a target market, it goes beyond the geographic, demographic, and psychographic information of your customers. Buyer personas also contain information on your customer’s pain points, goals, hopes, expectations, and fears.

With a buyer persona, you can target your landscaping ads better, which leads to better conversions and higher returns on ad spend. You can also create content that is more effective in conveying your message and converting your audience into leads or customers. Moreover, buyer personas give insight into customer behavior that helps create more effective landscape marketing campaigns.


2. Build a Brand for Your Business

When most people think of a brand, their mind immediately goes to the aesthetic elements representing your business. But, the logo of your lawn care business is only a small part of what constitutes your business’s brand. It also consists of the impression your audience has of your business and the things or values they associate with it in their minds.

Because of this, you can say that building your brand is a continuous process for your business. It requires providing your customers with good quality lawn care services and great customer support consistently. And, more importantly, it requires you to take advantage of the good things people say about you by encouraging your customers to leave reviews and testimonials for potential customers to see.

Aside from your reputation in terms of your service, building a brand requires you to create authority for your business in the industry. This authority must come from your expertise in your chosen niche. For example, if you specialize in landscape maintenance, creating content that helps people identify and troubleshoot problems in their lawns can build a relevant authority for you in the market.

When you do these things right, you will have an easier time getting customers for your landscaping services. You are more likely to remember your brand when a need arises for the service you provide. And, they are more likely to stay loyal as customers and recommend your services to anyone that asks for a referral.


3. Have a Website for Your Business

A website is a necessity when marketing your business on the internet. It can establish your credibility as a business since it shows your target market that you are invested in your landscaping business. It also showcases your brand through the professionalism of your design and the valuable content it contains for your audience. And, most important of all, it provides your potential customers a way to contact you and for you to get leads for your business.

Aside from marketing your business, it also improves the efficiency of your business in providing customer service. People can find useful information that answers simple questions that they might have about your business and the services you provide. This helps you save time that you might have spent entertaining simple questions throughout the day.

Lastly, if you optimize your website’s search engine traffic, it can reduce your reliance on posting landscaping advertisements online since you can also attract visitors from their search engine results page. And, the amount of traffic you can bring to your website in this way is significant (more than 50 percent of your total traffic on average).


4. Create Valuable Content for Your Audience

Modern marketing strategies make significant use of content in one way or another. Content can come in the form of blog posts, short e-books, downloadable content, photos, videos, reviews, and testimonials. All of these can help demonstrate your expertise as a landscaper by showing potential customers the results that you can create and providing them with valuable information relevant to their landscaping or lawn care needs.

Using content for marketing your business does not even have to focus on solution-based topics. It can be as simple as a time-lapse of your work to show your audience the before and after transformation of a project. Not only will you show the differences that you can make for them but also you are making entertaining content that will spread awareness about your brand.

Moreover, content can help create opportunities for your brand to connect with your audience on a more personal level. You can do this by addressing their concerns, interests, and pain points that are relevant to the services you provide. You can also invite them to send or comment on their questions via email or social media, which you can answer by creating more content for your audience.


5. Optimize Your Landscaping Business for Local Search

Local search optimization can help you reach search engine users who are within the service area of your landscaping service. This increases your chances of generating leads who are qualified to become your customers. Since local search users often have an immediate need for the product or service they are looking for, this can lead to you attracting leads that have a good chance of immediately making a buying decision in response to your landscape marketing campaign.

Optimizing your business for local search requires that you list your business on the various business directories online, including Google My Business, Yelp, Foursquare, MapQuest, and YellowPages. Since these directories enable their users to leave reviews for your business, it is also important to respond to any reviews to maximize positive customer experience and solve the issues of your unhappy customers.


6. Target Your Potential Landscaping Clients With Online Advertising

One of the benefits of online advertisements is that you can target your intended audience based on their demographics, location, and browsing history. You can take full advantage of this capability by targeting internet users in your service area who have a good chance of becoming your customers. For example, you can run landscaping advertisements on social media targeting those in your area who have been browsing lawn care and landscaping-related content.

However, keep in mind that running ads online involves more than just targeting the right audience. It also requires ad copy and design that attracts the attention of your audience, generates their interest, and influences them to take action immediately. Then, upon clicking, the landing page they arrive at must do the same but this time to act upon your offer or, at least, request a quotation from your service team.


7. Always Ask Customers for Reviews

Search engines will prioritize businesses with more and higher reviews in their local search results. If you want your business to show up at the top of your audience’s search results, you need to take a proactive approach to get these reviews from your previous customers.

The simplest way to receive reviews from your customers is by asking them to leave one. However, you need to provide them with the page where you want them to leave a review. Doing so increases the chances of them leaving one and you get to choose where they leave, which will help you get the most benefit from their review.

There will be negative reviews but this is fine. It makes your business look more authentic. Negative reviews also give your customers an idea of the worst thing that may result from your services and how you will deal with it. Of course, you need to address their concerns and provide the necessary solution to their problems if you want negative reviews to work in your favor.


8. Use traditional landscaping marketing techniques

Just because digital marketing is effective does not mean that traditional marketing strategies no longer work. You can still hand out flyers to the closest neighbors of your customer when you come over to their house. You can also attend networking events to meet businesses that may need to subcontract your landscaping services to their clients.

It is also important to network with realtors, hardware stores, architects, and builders. This will increase your chances of receiving referrals from them when someone asks them if they know a landscaper. Of course, do not forget to send anyone their way when someone asks you for a referral.

Do You Need a Personalized Landscaping Marketing Strategy?

Although the mentioned strategies above can be effective, these are still generic ones that do not take into account the unique situation you may have in your business. For a solution that considers your specific goals and concerns, you will need a personalized marketing strategy for your landscaping business. This is where Big Market Solutions can help.
With our expertise in marketing and advertising landscaping and other contractor services, you can rest assured that we can create a marketing strategy specifically for your business that delivers results. Contact us today and schedule your free marketing consultation with us!

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